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Unpredictable context requires greater flexibility. This is why we only offer services with real added value to support your business and your teams.

Our HR “boutique" and its expert consultants/partners offer you solutions at your scale, affordable and accessible to any budget.

Share your concerns with us.

Please, feel free to contact us by mail or just give us a call and let's see how we can help you
Liliane Kreisz  +32 0 495 31 66 55

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E-learning (LMS) system with scoring & data analyse - flexible and affordable tool:  micro-learning, quizz, podcast 


E-system - Crowdsourcing : Real time interactive platform to listen and engage
from 10 to 1000 stakeholders  
used from personal computer, fast, safe & anonymous to support
change, commitment, decision, client service, ....



Tailor-made training & workshop
Career advise & coaching, Outplacement


HR - Finance - Marketing - Engineering

Corporate & Technical positions

Success fee based ("no cure no pay") possible for some positions. 
Please contact us to discuss

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Your Expert "boutique" Partner 
in Executive Search & selection, 
Talent Management & Systems

Kreisz HR Consulting is a multi-sector provider offering a range of HR Services to support the entire employment lifecycle of your business. 

Our flagship activity is Search & Recruitment for management & expert positions in diverse sectors as Industry, Engineering, ICT, Retail, Distribution, Transport and Retail. 

For more than 25 years, we have always been keen to understand our customers' culture, business and strategy which has allowed us to establish good records. 

We love innovation and technology and like a chameleon, we adapt to your process and your culture to find the talent fitting your organization and your goal.  From undertaking a skills gap analysis to filling recruitment needs, supporting performance management and change processes, we act as a real partner making sure you keep your precious time for your business.  Trust us and tell us about your concerns.  We will figure out how we can successfully help you and your company.

To you, (our) future candidate, we show empathy and honesty to support you in your next career move.  We advise you in your search of a position fitting your expectations and your values.  

We will follow and help with your integration in your new environment.  After meeting you, we stay your career partner as long as you need us.

We love our job.  We respect all individuals and their personal sensitivities in the search of the right organization, the right position.   We want you to find the right balance in your life and to achieve your goals.   

Talent exists at different times of your life and deserves to be highlighted in the right environment.  We do believe you have talent and we will help you to show it within the right position in the right company.

Let's start to trust each other. 

Contact us;

we want to know you; we want to hear about your needs. 

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Excellence & success

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Talent Search & Selection/Recruitment for Expert & Management positions

Kreisz HR Consulting's priority is you. We provide permanent as well freelance staffing solutions in Belgium and borders countries.  We provide support and advice effectively, efficiently and affordably.  With our senior business experience we are able to understand your needs and to find within our large network candidates fitting your organisation and your expectations.
Our area of expertise? We specialize in recruiting Sales and Marketing profiles, Engineers (production, R&D, maintenance), Human Resources, Finance & Audit, Supply Chain & Purchasing profiles. Many companies in different sectors have already trusted us. Contact us to tell us about your needs.

Open to give a new direction to your career? Contact us by mail and feel free to send us your CV. We will quickly get back to you to discuss your expectations and the possibilities with our customers and partners. We will help you to find the position that suits your qualifications and skills best.


HR  -  Finance  -  Engineering  -  Interim management

Kreisz HR Consulting offers personalised, thorough and full-scale services for Belgium and border countries companies that are looking for outstanding management profiles or top experts to further strengthen their organization – mainly on a temporary basis.

In a fast changing and competitive environment, flexibile solutions are absolutely required.

With our tailor-made approach, our large business experience and network, we can find the right expert interim manager or consultant able to quickly meet your highest standards and business requirements.
Our focus lies mainly, but not solely, on the following fields :

  • Human Resources management

  • Sales & marketing management

  • Operations management           

  • Finance management                

  • Supply chain management        

  • Engineering in aerospace,  telecom industries ...


Tailor-made training & workshop
Career advice &coaching - Redeployment & Outplacement

Coaching :

Together with our partners we can provide professional coaching for supervisors, managers, sales people and teams to support your company goals and the development of your leaders and business developers. 

We also offer you individual coaching.  We can help you to find meaning in your working life.  We can advise you on your career reorientation and help you discover and promote your talents in your search of a new position.  We will advise you on the labour market to find the organization fitting your values and your expectations.  With our extensive business experience and knowledge we can clearly become your trusted career partner and share our best practices with you to grow in your current job or to define your next career step. 

Tailor-made training & workshop :

As senior experts and managers with experience in famous large companies, we are keen to share our skills and experience and boost motivation of individuals and teams to support them to reach their goals.  After a detailed analyse, we can develop with you a solution fitting your situation, culture, goals and budget.

We give training to support change in your organization and to support business development.  Our participative approach include a focus on each trainee to identify preferred behaviour and opportunity to develop. We assure measurable ROI.  Each trainee will get practical tips & tricks to use in his job to become even more efficient and successfull.  

We develop tailor-made trainings to meet our clients' needs.  Training programs can cover sales skills, leadership, personal & team communication,  performance management interviews, team work, change & flexible organization like Agile ...

Outplacement & redeployment : 

We also provide onsite consultancy, coaching and training for Outplacement  procedure.  We can support individuals or groups in their Outplacement process.  
We can also support changes inside the organization.  After gaining understanding of your company we will act as an extension of your organization.  With our partners we will support your new strategy and facilitate transition and implementation within your organization.  Agile minded we are able to share our experience within improvement projects and support change implementation with inplacement, internal mobility or redeployment projects and training. 


Secured & certified e-learning system used in more than 20 countries
Result of 10 years e-technology & e-knowledge research and development

E-learning of which UpPoint® is a version rich, flexible, adaptable and efficient, but simple, economical, and easy to implement.
With the additional advantages of a quality IT tool:  
-  monitoring the knowledge of team members at individual (scoring) and general (statistical tools) level, 
-  surveys within teams or customers (e-survey),  
-  adaptation according to user profiles, possibility to build program's & micro-learning, podcast, quizz... 
-  operation in several languages ...

Costs controlled with a license including administrator training, updates
Savings thanks to a quality system that does not require the acquisition of systems or servers, no training for users, no installation or configuration costs


E system & methodology - Crowdsourcing : Real time interactive platform to listen and engage from 10 to 1000 stakeholders.

It can be used from each personal computer and it is safe, anonymous and fast.  On only one hour you can include your stakeholders everywhere, listen, involve and engage to facilitate change; fasten decision and support.

With the scoring system, every remark and idea is taken in account to support the management strategy and it avoid long meetings, international travels, misunderstanding, unrealistic implementation, bad decisions, demotivated people, lost of clients...


We are looking forward to listening to you and to understanding your needs.  Whatever your expectations, we will advise you or guide you to one of our partners.



Merci pour votre envoi !

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